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Holistic Care for Animals and their carers

Trust is everything.

Get to know your animal on a whole new level

Animal Healing benefits all animals and their carers. It is a natural therapy promoting calm, peace and deep relaxation. Working with an intent to help, unconditional love and a still mind I create an environment for you and your animal friend which promotes wellness and wellbeing, builds a trusting and loving connection between you and your animal and helps support you both physically and emotionally through all stages of life. 

Working holistically to heal animals, I look at the whole animal, not only isolated symptoms, with an aim to discover the root cause of the problem. Offering an in-depth consultation, I will look at environmental factors as well as diet. I will help support wellness with the balancing of energy, offering of environmental enrichments and through communication and trust building. 

I offer a professional and complementary service to veterinary care. I work closely with the veterinary fraternity to support rehabilitation for your animal friend. The veterinarian is always the first contact for any problem related to your pet. Animal healing offers a supplementary and non-replaceable support to veterinary care.





Animal Healing Services

How can I help?

Trust Technique Practitioner

A mindful approach to building strong trusting relationships between you and your animal to help overcome behavioural problems and support wellness.

“Doing this with your animal is like meeting a new friend and staying up all night talking”. You learn about your pet and they learn about you on a deep level and your relationship begins to change…

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Relaxation Therapy & Energy Healing

This therapy balances the body’s energy by engaging the parasympathetic nervous system to support rest, restoration, rejuvenation and promote healing and homeostasis.

When we are ill or stressed our bodies become off balanced and our health and wellbeing deteriorate. This therapy relaxes the body, restores balance and energy and supports overall wellness…

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Meet the Healer

I am a registered and insured animal healer and a practitioner of the Trust Technique for pets and large animals.

Animals have been and continue to be my greatest teachers. I work with peace, patience, persistence and with the purpose of helping. We all deserve to be well in our minds and bodies. I look forward to helping you and your animal friends.

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How can Healing help?

Healing sessions help our animal friends to process and recover from daily stresses that are a part of every animal’s life. Healing can also help with concerns including but not limited to:

  • Herd/Pack dynamics
  • Anxiety/Nervous or over-excited behaviour
  • Grief and loss
  • Transitions (re-homing or adoption, new home, new barn, new trainer/rider)
  • Separation anxiety
  • Confidence/Fears
  • Appetite change
  • Injury (old or new)

We are what we eat. We see a lot of itchiness these days in our domestic pets. We also see a lot of dogs who need their glands expressed regularly, more ear and eye issues as well as an increase in disease. A fresh cooked, raw or mixed diet may be an option for you and your pet that could help support long-term wellness and relieve some of these conditions. I can help you to find a diet that meets your and your pets’ needs.

What is it like?

What might your animal feel or experience as part of the healing session? Do me a favour and make a fist. Now hold your fist tightly for 30 seconds. Now release your fist. Feel the difference in your body? This feeling of release is what I aim to provide your animal through healing work. Ultimately it is the body that does the healing but the work I conduct with your animal provides the body with the right environment in which to heal itself.…

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What we are saying to the animal is, Right Now You Can Be Peaceful.

Behaviour is a reflection of how we are feeling. Change the feeling. Change the behaviour.

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